Tuesday, April 25, 2017


So, I wanted to share with you why I had taken off for so long.  My family....myself....just living.....that is it in a nutshell! I had felt overwhelmed with the responsibilities of doing a almost daily blog....I was again getting really involved in fighting for the sanity of our country by becoming involved in politics again....I fought hard for my candidate, but, SHE lost! My heart was broken, and I had to step back.

But, during this time, a few things happened that had been really exciting. Due, to the Supreme Court giving all couples the RIGHT to love and marry, my middle daughter got married....and they had a baby! That is their story to tell one day, but, I can say that the birth of Konstance Luna brought so much joy and happiness to my Life.

Also, during this past year...I stood by my Son while he has been fighting his drug addiction and started on the road to recovery...I'm so proud of his journey down this new path to a sober and better Life, and he has made such strides. I can't wait to see what he does with the rest of his Life!

Basically, I just had to sit back and breathe and relax! I kept up my paintings and crafts, and, I want to share with you something I recently finished. I found this cute little sign at a yard sale and decided to spruce it up with the bright and funky colors that I love!

Turquoise...lime....and hot pink.....yeah, you can't getter than that! I hope you enjoy seeing this newest project...I hope that you will enjoy this new blog.....I will be sharing what I want and what I like and what I believe in....if I offend....I'm sorry....but, just have decided that age 60, this has to be MY LIFE!

Blessings and enjoy the day,


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